Apply from inside or outside CA?

Goodmorning and congratulations for this helpful site!

I am a European Union (Greek) citizen, married to a Canadian citizen who resides in Toronto, ON. We are about to send my application for permanent resident status in Canada and we are really confused at the moment.

Considering two basic facts: 1. We need to be together as soon as possible and
2. I need to be able to get a job as soon as possible (I just refused a contract renewal at my job and I'll be unemployed within the next 2 months). Me and my wife have the following options:

- Apply from outside Canada, hoping that I will not be refused entry to the country and I'll be able to be with her there even unemployed until my application will be processed. This takes 5-10 months at the visa office abroad

- Go and live with her in Canada, apply from within the country, hoping that I will at least get a work permit within 6-7 months (I don't know if I still need a job offer even if I have already applied for PR under the spouse category).

Could you please advise me which is the fastest and safest way for me and my wife to be able to live together and me having a job at the same time? I strongly believe that as soon as I have the eligibility to work in Canada, finding a job will be no problem, since I have adequate education and a year of international experience (banking system).

I would be grateful for a quick response. We need to decide within the following couple of days. Thank you!


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