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I am applying for a work permit and need to know about the supporting documents.

I am going to work for 3 months at an internship in Canada. I have an offer letter from the University that I will work at. I am not a US citizen, but I am living in the USA because I am a PHD student at a University in the USA and do not currently work for a company.

My work permit is for less than 6 months and I am LMIA exempt.

I filled out the eligibility questioner on CIC and created my account. The supporting documents asks for:

- Employment reference letter
- Employment records
- Letter from current employer
- Proof that you meet the requirements of the job being offered

I can get letters from my previous job (that I held before starting my PhD). But for everything else it says "current employer".

Is this my current University? Or the internship in Canada?

Should I ask my current University for these documents and treat my university as my "current employer"?

It is very confusing because it asks for pay-stubs, which I do not have from my internship in Canada because I have not started yet.

Also where would I get "Proof that you meet the requirements of the job being offered"? The information on the CIC website is very vague.

Has anyone applied for a temporary work visa with LMIA exempt as a student? I would appreciate your advice!
"Current Employer" would ordinarily refer to the employer at which the candidate is presently working and not the employer that is named in the work permit application. While it is theoretically possible that these could be the same employer (e.g., in the context of an extension application), your situation appears consistent with my initial statement.

"Proof that you meet the requirements of the job being offered" would differ from case to case and is inevitably based on the provisions under which you seek the work permit. Documentation in this category can cover a wide variety of possibilities and a detailed knowledge of the case would be required to provide meaningful advice.

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