Canada work permit request refused

My application was refused saying

1. The offer of employment is inconsistent with the terms of a federal provincial agreement that applies to employers hiring foreign nationals

2. You have demonstrated that you come within the exceptions under section 186 of the IRPR exempting you from the requirement to obtain a work permit or that your employment in Canada comes within the exceptions to section 203 of the IRPR. As a result, your offer of employment must be the subject of an economic effect determination before a work permit can be issued to you. Your employer in Canada should contact the local office of the Department of Employment and Social Development Canada to begin this process.

What does this exactly mean ? and what i am supposed to do further ?
Without knowing the details of your submission, it is difficult to determine what is the meaning of point number one. I am assuming that you have applied under the provisions of a provincial agreement, of which there are numerous, and that you have not satisfactorily demonstrated that you meet the requirements of that program.

Point two indicates that they believe that a Labour Market Impact Assessment is needed before you can be eligible for a work permit.

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