Changing Condition in Open Work Permit

Hi everyone,

Now, I reside in Canada with a valid open work permit. It is written in my open work permit that I can't work in teaching and health service and I want to remove these conditions.

I knew that I should go for a medical examination and then to fill the IMM 5710 and to submit it.

Are these are only the required items? my husband is a student here should I include his papers also?

I also have some questions regarding the IMM 5710 form.

1- what to choose [you are applying for:

A work permit with the same employer
An initial work permit or a work permit with a new employer
Restoration of your status as a worker
An initial or an extension of a temporary resident permit

I don't want any of these. I just want to remove the limits in the OWP.

2- where in the form to include that i want to change the conditions?

Thanks very much for all help
Unfortunately, advice on the preparation of a specific case is outside of the scope of this forum.
[quote="David"]Unfortunately, advice on the preparation of a specific case is outside of the scope of this forum.[/quote]

Need some advice! I live in the Caribbean. I have been applying for jobs and got a great offer with a company. Unfortunately, I have to start in a few weeks. I do not know if I should go ahead and get a visa and then when I am there apply fo the permit. Unfortunately I cannot do a PR as it takes too long. Advice on the best course of acion would be great
As a general rule, it is not possible to apply for a work permit within Canada (i.e., processed inland) when you are in Canada as a visitor. The application would inevitably need to be processed outside of Canada and, depending on which region does such processing, delays may get compounded (i.e., the delays of the work permit application would be in additional to TRV processing delays). Also, if one is required, you should be sure that a [url=]Labour Market Impact Assessment approval[/url] has already been obtained by the employer prior to commencing the work permit process.

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