Could Arranged Employment be Self-Employment?


My case falls under the 1% of the 10% of cases, so please bear with me :)

I'm in Canada under the IT workers program (work permit with national HRSDC letter). When I applied for my PR, I included a copy of the work permit, and a letter from my current employer to hire me "indeterminately" upon my PR approval. This satisfies the Arranged Employment requirement.

Now, after almost 2 years, I have an opportunity to be hired as a contractor for another company. This means that I will establish a company, then apply for another work permit under the "Special Categories - Significant Benefit - Entrepreneur/Self Employed".

In order not to jeopardize my current PR application - under the "Arranged Employment":
- Will another "letter from employer" for indeterminate hire be required as one of the last requirements from Buffalo? (The guides mention a valid 'work permit' at visa issuance, but not a letter).
- If that letter is required - would a letter from the company I own be sufficient.

Appreciating any responses.
If you obtain a new work permit via a new Canadian employer, and that employer satisfies the other requirements for Arranged Employment, it should be possible to apply that to your existing permanent resident case. However, if the new employer is contracting you on a fixed term, that would not appear to meet such requirements; self-employment is not otherwise supported under the provisions of Arranged Employment.

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