How can i get a chinese no criminil records for the time i lived in China

My name is Alberto. I've been invited to apply for a work holiday permit in Canada.
All documents i need are ready except one: My no criminal records (Chinese one) for the time i lived in China.
I asked the Italian embassy in Shanghai , the chinese embassy in Rome, i asked at the police stations shanghai bureau of few districts where i lived but nobody gave me an answer about how to get this certificate. Few agencies and one police station told me that i can not even get it.
So i called the canadian embassy in Rome and i asked them for an answer, they also have no idea.
I really hope someone can tell me where or how i can get this certificate. I still have 13 days in order to send my application, my time is limitated , but i 'm trying my best to get this paper and finally work and visit the amazing Country of Canada.

Hope to get an answer from someone as soon as possible,

Have you tried the instructions supplied by IRCC regarding the Police Certificate from PRC? You may find these here:

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