Intra company transfer visa extension

Hi everyone,
I have a question and just wanted to see if someone has any experience.

I'm on a intra company transfer visa which will expire next months. I already got all the paperwork to extend the visa.

My question is if I am able to extend the work permit at a land border. The CIC website says online or paper and it seems these are the only ways to apply for the extension.

My problem is that I have a business conference to attend in September and I'm not sure if my visa extension will be approved by then.

Is it true that land border does not help with extension only with new visa application?

A port of entry (including a land border crossing) can be used for [i]new[/i] work permit applications in some cases in which the candidate is temporary resident visa exempt. The POE cannot be used for renewal/extension; this process can only be conducted inland. In some cases, it is necessary or beneficial to use the port of entry to seek a new work permit when renewal is not an option. We have seen a variety of positions of officials on the timing of this, ranging from willingness to do it well in advance of the expiration of the work permit to willingness only if the work permit had already expired.

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