Nominee Through Out Restoration

I submitted Nominee through out restoration
Nova Scotia Immigration improper support of Nominee letter that's why was refuse from CIC
CIC who have seen the officer feed back that was in the refuse letter four types of factors are not included clear stated
Then with the same factors submitted by my consultant on December 07 through out online for Restoration
Restoration online application how many days will takes in this process?
I came newly in Canada
I urge you to help
How do I link on CIC website to check my application current status?
I have tried several times to check it out my application status,but could not able to do that
I looking forward to help response
There is no one to help me
Your service is appreciated,Thanks a lot.
Current processing delays for a Restoration application are roughly 60 days. While you can link a paper application to your own MyCIC account, if the application was created within a representative's account, then you may need to rely on that representative for the supply of information regarding the status of the case.

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