Second visa permit application
I need some important and urgent help. I submitted my application for the temporary work permit in June and still waiting for its outcome. But, in the meanwhile, I have another BETTER job offer and I want to join the second offer. I want to know if ...

(i) I have to submit another application?

(ii) If I submit a second application, do I have to retract my first application, before applying for the second one?

(iii) Please, suggest possible best practice in this case.

Thank you very much.

Cheers !
A new application will be needed to pursue the other work permit application, and such a submission will be subject to all requirements of a new case (i.e., no element of the previous submission should be assumed to carry over). It is a requirement that you withdraw the earlier application if you no longer intend to pursue such employment and are applying for a work permit based on alternative employment.

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