Temporary work permit while waiting for PR

Hello -

I'm a German citizen and I have been working in Canada in 2006 under the Working Holiday Program. I'm now back in Canada working for a different employer under the Young Workers Exchange Program. I'm currently applying for PR (Federal Skilled Worker) and just recently received a case no from the government. The problem now is that my current work permit is expiring in June and I won't get my PR before end of this year. My questions:

1) Does my employer have to do an LMO in any case?

2) Can a canadian immigration officer issue a short-term work permit or work permit extension? (e.g. 3 months)

Thank in advance for your help! Great forum!
The details of your qualifications and the employment in Canada determine the need for a LMO in any given case. The likelihood is that such an LMO would be needed prior to eligibility for a work permit however.

A pending PR application - in itself - is not typically grounds for issuance of a work permit.

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