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I'm new to this forum, I thought I'd start a thread aimed at helping people in similar situations to myself, living in Canada on an open work permit. My name's Oliver Quinn and I'm a 23 year old biochemistry graduate from the University of Birmingham; I've been living in Canada for the past 6 months and it has to be said that finding steady work is quite the challenge.
Most employment agencies I've attempted to sign up with seem uninterested since I'm here on an open work permit and many employers seem to shy away when they see the (+44) before the phone numbers on my resume's reference list. I've worked odd jobs and used savings to maintain my staying here in Canada, but would earnestly appreciate any advice on how to get started in my search for reliable, rewarding employment. The work I'd be primarily interested in would be data entry, clerical or office-based work.
Any feedback received would be greatly appreciated, as I've been grinding quite hard to get something sorted here without any significant progress.

For an open work permit holder, the obligation of the employer is minimal to none. The only exception would be if you needed to undertake a medical examination first, in which case the employer would be forced to wait. Otherwise an open work permit holder may move from position to position without additional paper-work.

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