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I have completed my post graduate course studies in Niagara which was for 1 year and at present I am working under the Job search visa period in a factory at Brampton and job is not related to the course which I had completed Niagara

My Visa is getting expired on 31-Mar-15 and I need to apply for a work permit online as I cannot afford any law firm to this.

1) Please suggest can I apply for work permit online?

2) What other documents should I submit when applying online as I have the below one?
i. Job offer letter from my current employer
ii. Final Transcript from the college where I had pursued the course
iii. Photos in the prescribed size
iv. Scanned copies of all passport pages

3) What should be my current immigration status, as there are various options to choose like (Student, Worker, Visitor, Temporary Resident permit holder etc)?

4) Under what category I am eligible to apply for work permit online?

The number of questions posted here are contrary to the guidelines of the forum. To respond to the core question that you have, yes, it is possible to seek a post-graduation work permit using the government's online filing system (i.e., MyCIC). During the application process, you are guided as to the specific documents that would be applicable to the case. There are also help topics that should help in answering the other questions that you have.

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