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Good Afternoon,
I am trying figure out the best way to move myself and my family to B.C. from the USA and I recall seeing something about expedited work visas for farmers. I am looking at purchasing an existing farm in B.C., but I think I need a work visa before I can farm. Also, if I am successful in obtaining a work visa, moving to B.C., purchasing a farm, and producing enough revenue to constitute a farm, do all of those activities allow myself and my family to qualify for the government provided health care? If so, how long do I need to be farming before the health care is available?
Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
There are currently not provisions expediting a work permit for a farm owner. There are a number of possible avenues that can be considered:

1. Depending on the creation of employment by the farm, a Labour Market Impact Assessment as an Owner/Operator of the business, which can allow for exemption from the recruiting requirement. Farm management occupations also have some reduction of recruiting requirements, but not to the same extent as an Owner/Operator.
2. Depending again on employment generated, and/or other social, cultural, or economic benefits to Canadians resulting from the operation of the farm, a work permit under the provisions of Significant Benefit to Canada.
3. A work permit under NAFTA Investor provisions depending on the level of investment and the level of commitment of that investment at the time of submission of an application.

You may be better off looking into permanent resident avenues as your primary strategy and not the work permit. If so, then most likely you would need to look towards the Self Employed category or a provincial nominee program.

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