Hello there,
I spent hours trying to find any information that would help my case. But there obviously was no luck.
So, a little bit about my situation. I've been to Canada for almost 3 years. I came here as a participant of Working Holiday, I extended my visa through Work & Study program, and then I found a job with LMO. So, right now I am on "closed" work permit, and it happened that I was offered a better job, in a different province, in a different field, which matches my educational background and I sort of like it a lot!
Unfortunately, this company can't provide me with LMO, but I was told I can apply for Young Professional Program (YPP)in order to receive a new work permit. I would like to do it, but I've got several concerns regarding it:
1. Does the whole story make sense or not? If not, no need to read any further. :)
2. As far as I know I need to "intend" to leave Canada after my visa expires, but I was told that I can apply under Experienced Class after one year of experience, as the job that I was offered is under NOC B.
3. Would I get an open work permit or not, under YPP?
4. May I apply for Young Professional Program in-land or I should come back to my home country, which is Ukraine, to apply for it?
5. If my YPP work permit gets denied, would I still be able to work on the work permit that I have now? (LMO one)

Thanks a lot in advance. Looking forward to hearing from you. Any advice, information would be highly appreciated!

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