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Facilitated Processing of IT Workers Visa Program Terminated in BC

Effective for cases submitted on January 1 2012 and thereafter, work in the province of British Columbia is no longer subject to the Facilitated Processing of Information Technology Workers Program. Other than Quebec, all other provinces in Canada terminated the same program in September 2010.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada will therefore require Labour Market Opinions (i.e., Confirmations) for temporary work permit applications which had been earlier subject to the Facilitated Processing of Information Technology Workers provisions. The only exception at present is for cases in which the work is in the province of Quebec, where the program remains active for an undefined period; it should be noted that those cases are however subject to the requirement of a Certificat d’acceptation du Québec prior to seeking the work permit.

The Facilitated Processing of Information Technology Workers program was a collaboration between Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC), and the Software Human Resources Council (now defunct). It was intended to expedite the admission of foreign workers in certain defined information technology occupations, primarily those in software development, by allowing admission in the absence of a Confirmation Letter from HRSDC. Those eligible were deemed to be admissible under what was termed a National Confirmation; i.e., no negative labour market impact was automatically determined by HRSDC. The program was enacted at a time, in the late 1990’s, when there was a perceived critical shortage of such IT professionals.

HRSDC issued notice in 2010 that this program would be terminated on September 30 2010, with the exception of the provinces of British Columbia and Quebec. Quebec and BC were the only provinces to extend the program at that time. Quebec did so for an undefined duration, and BC did so for incremental periods. As BC has now terminated the program, only Quebec is still subject to these provisions; all other cases must first obtain a LMO Confirmation prior to proceeding with the work permit application. Any case submitted for work in the province of BC prior to January 1 2012 will be processed to its conclusion and could be eligible for a work permit of up to one year from the date of its issuance.

Date Posted: January 12, 2012 Posted In: Labour Market Opinion,Temporary Work Permits

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