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Work Permit Holders Eligible for Permanent Resident Status Sooner

Temporary foreign workers with one year of experience in high skilled occupations (i.e., National Occupational Classification 0, A, or B) will soon be eligible to apply for permanent resident status in the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) more quickly. Effective January 02, 2013, those who have 12 months of work experience in a skilled occupation while holding a valid work permit will become eligible in the CEC’s experience stream. This is being reduced from the previous 24 months that was required for candidates in this stream.

The changes to the CEC program also affects experience requirements for foreign graduatesĀ from a Canadian post-secondary institution, permitting such experience within the previous 36 months, as opposed to the previous 24. Overall, these changes represent increased focus by the current immigration Minister on the admission of those with demonstrated experience or credentials from within Canada.

The CEC has advantages over other permanent resident programs, which include an absence of fixed quotas and the lack on ongoing reliance on valid work permits or support from a Canadian employer.

Date Posted: December 14, 2012 Posted In: Temporary Work Permits