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Revisions to Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program

Recent controversy over one of Canada’s largest banks’ inappropriate use of the temporary foreign worker program is having further fallout. Yesterday, Canada’s  Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development and of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism yesterday announced the following immediate and future modifications to the program:

  • Immediate removal of previously implemented provisions allowing wage flexibility, thereby requiring all employers to pay foreign workers at published prevailing wages;
  • Immediate temporary suspension of the Accelerated Labour Market Opinion application stream;
  • Increase the Government of Canada’s authority to suspend and revoke work permits and Labour Market Opinions (LMOs) in cases of abuse;
  • Add questions to LMO application forms to detect outsourcing of Canadian jobs;
  • Ensure that employers who rely on foreign workers have a training plan to transition to Canadian workers;
  • Introduce application fees for employers for the processing of LMOs and increase the fees for work permits; and
  • Allow English and French as the only languages that can be used as a job requirement in a LMO application.

These are dramatic changes that will affect all employers and foreign workers.

Date Posted: April 30, 2013 Posted In: Labour Market Opinion

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