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Revisions to Recruiting Requirements for Labour Market Opinions

Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) has recently revised its recruiting requirements for all occupations. This revisions falls close on the heels of a recent controversy involving this agency and one of Canada’s biggest banks (acting in its capacity as one of Canada’s larger employers).

At this time, the revisions serve to more precisely define methods of recruiting that are permissible. The provision that employers may recruit in a manner consistent with practices in its industry have been amended with specific requirements of placement of ads as follows:

  • on recognized Internet employment sites such as Monster, Workopolis (All skill classifications);
  • on the website of a professional association (NOC 0, A);
  • in national newspapers, professional journals or newsletters (NOC 0, A);
  • in local and regional newspapers, newsletters (NOC B, C, D);

  • in ethnic newspapers and Internet sites (NOC B, C, D);

  • in local stores, places of worship, community resource centres (NOC B, C, D);

  • in local and regional employment centres (NOC B, C, D).

Depending on the classification of the occupation, placement of ads on government job sites such as Service Canada’s Job Bank remain allowable alternatives or supplemental modes of recruiting. Removed, therefore, is the possibility of using methods such as recruiting agencies, social media, corporate web sites, and other common methods of recruiting. Also, there will likely be some debate as to what constitutes a recognized internet employment site, as employers now commonly use classified ad sites as part of their efforts.

Date Posted: April 24, 2013 Posted In: Labour Market Opinion