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Temporary Work Permits for Essential Start-up Business Class Personnel

A start-up business class pilot program has been created to attract entrepreneurial applicants for permanent resident status. The program is fundamentally based on having the support of a designated Canadian investment group or business incubator, although other statutory requirements exist.

Temporary work permits may be issued cases in which the candidate intends to reside outside of the province of Quebec, and in which the designated investment group or incubator documents both that a candidate is essential and that there are urgent business requirements that mandate such admission. The application process mimics that of other LMO exempt work permits: applicants that are passport-visa and medical-examination exempt may apply for the work permit at a port of entry or visa office; others must apply at a visa office (including online submissions). Spouses or common-law partners of eligible candidates will be able to seek their own open work permits for the same duration as the principal foreign worker’s permit.

Date Posted: November 04, 2013 Posted In: Temporary Work Permits

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