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Changes in Work Permit Processing Fees

Effective February 06 2014, the fee for the processing of a Canadian temporary work permit will rise by CAD$5 from $150 to $155. The increase in fees comes as part of an announcement by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) to modify the fee structure of all temporary resident applications.

Fees charged for immigration services rendered by the Canadian government fall under the principles of Cost Recovery, the main elements of which are described as follows:

• Fee levels will be set to recover as much of the costs of each service as reasonable without imposing undue hardship or affecting access to service.
• The fee for any service will not exceed the average documented global cost of providing that service.
• The fees will be comparable to the fees of other major immigrant receiving countries, where similar services are subject to user fees.

In announcing the change, CIC notes that the new cost for processing a work permit remains significantly below that of other immigrant receiving countries like the USA, UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

Date Posted: February 04, 2014 Posted In: Temporary Work Permits