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Moratorium on Labour Market Opinions for Food Services Sector

Employment and Social Development Canada has placed a moratorium on all applications in the Food Services Sector. No new or pending applications for occupations in this sector will be processed until following the outcome of a review of the program. Moreover, any LMO approval that has been issued and in which the foreign worker has not yet filled the position will also be suspended.  Work permits will therefore not be granted in such cases.

The present action follows two recent developments:

1. A prior perception by Citizenship and Immigration Canada that there was a disproportionate number of work permits issued in this sector, which itself led to the effective elimination of that sector from eligibility for Canadian Experience Class permanent resident applications;

2. More recent allegations of abuse, which led to the first three Canadian businesses being placed on the government’s blacklist and their LMO approvals suspended.

It is not yet clear how long this moratorium will be in place.

Date Posted: April 25, 2014 Posted In: Labour Market Opinion