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Work Permit Exemption for Artists at Bar or Restaurant Type Venues

A recent amendment to Canada’s legislation will allow artists performing at bar or restaurant type venues to engage in time limited performances in the absence of a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) and work permit. Formerly, such artists would have been subject to the two application processes, whereas similar artists performing at  venues outside of this scope were permitted admission to engage in the work in the absence of a work permit. This change harmonizes the treatment of performing artists regardless of the nature of the venue.

Certain circumstances  remain subject to the LMIA and work permit requirements:

– engagements that are not considered time-limited;

– engagements in which the performer is in an employment relationship with a venue;

– engagements that are part of a radio, film, or television broadcast.

Performing artists eligible for these provisions can apply for admission through the normal mechanisms. For those that are passport visa exempt, a port of entry application (including pre-approval opinions rendered prior to arrival) are an option. Otherwise, a visa office application, including online submissions may be required.


Date Posted: June 24, 2014 Posted In: Labour Market Impact Assessment