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First Express Entry Invitations Sent

This week, Citizenship and Immigration Canada, delivered invitations to apply for permanent resident status to 779 candidates with Express Entry profiles. Candidates had to meet or exceed a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score of 886 or higher in order to be eligible for an invitation. According to the Ministerial Instructions that announced the scoring requirement, all candidates who met or exceeded this score were issued invitations to apply and now have 60 days in which to file a permanent resident application in the appropriate program. Eligibility for permanent resident status will be governed by the criteria established in such programs (i.e., Express Entry does not determine eligibility to apply). The government has promised it would seek to conclude processing of these cases within six months or less.

As previously described, a candidate can score a maximum of 600 points in the absence of arranged employment in Canada or nomination from a province. For economic class applicants, the majority of provincial nominations would derive from cases in which the candidate had an offer of employment from a company in that province and/or possessed working experience at such a company while holding valid immigration status. All candidates that received an invitation in the current round held arranged employment or had a provincial nomination (and therefore likely had arranged employment as well). It will be interesting to see if the Express Entry threshold for an invitation ever drops to 600 points or less. So long as it does not, the implication is that the majority of permanent resident applications will be for cases in which the candidate possessed a Canadian work permit plus an offer of employment in Canada.

Date Posted: February 04, 2015 Posted In: Express Entry,Permanent Resident