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Mexican Passport Visa Requirement Lifted

Effective December 01 2016, citizens of Mexico will no longer require a passport visa in order to travel to a Canadian port of entry. After this date, an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) will be needed, as is the case for most passport-visa-exempt nationals. This means that Mexicans will not need to apply to a visa office in order to seek temporary resident status, and will also mean that they will become eligible to process many classes of work permit application at a Canadian port of entry.

Although the visa office in Mexico City has recently been one of the more efficient in terms of processing speed, the ability to process work permits at a port of entry can significantly expedite that process. The reduction in delays is aided by the fact that Mexico is not a designated country for the purpose of medical examination requirements for temporary residents. This means that, other than in the cases of certain occupations (e.g., health services, teaching children, etc.) work permits processed at a port of entry do not require up-front medical examinations and/or will not be delayed by the requirements for processing of such.

The impact on processing delays can mean that a case that would have taken two months in the past, factoring in processing and passport delivery, can now be concluded in as little as a day if a Labour Market Impact Assessment is not a requirement. This assumes that the ETA is secured and that the proper compliance filings are done in advance of applying for the work permit.

Date Posted: June 30, 2016 Posted In: Entry Visa,International Mobility Program,Temporary Work Permits

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