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Clarification of Provisions for Fishing Guides on Border Lakes

Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada has published clarification concerning admissibility and work permit issuance for fishing guides on border lakes between Canada and the USA. Such guides do not fall under the NAFTA Treaty, but are instead categorized under provisions allowing for the creation and maintenance of reciprocal employment opportunities for Canadians.

Based on the assumption that Canadian fishing guides working on border lakes are allowed similar facilitation, Canada allows for the issuance of seasonal work permits to US fishing guides working on border lakes (i.e., lakes that exist on both the US and Canada side of the border). Such work permits are limited to day-use only, and are applicable to guides leading US residents or guests of a US enterprise. The fishing guide must appear at a Canadian port of entry in order to apply for the work permit, assuming that the applicant is passport visa exempt (e.g., US citizen or permanent resident).

Not all fishing guides will fall under these reciprocity provisions. Any foreign national working for a Canadian employer or any foreign national working as a fishing guide on a lake contained entirely within Canada must obtain a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) prior to seeking a work permit.

Date Posted: March 09, 2017 Posted In: Labour Market Impact Assessment,Temporary Work Permits

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