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Global Skills Strategy Program

The Government of Canada has announced that it anticipates launching its Global Skills Strategy program to facilitate the admission of high-skill foreign workers on June 12 2017. The program, which targets quickly-growing Canadian companies in need of global talent to accelerate progress and investment, and for foreign companies making significant financial investment into Canada, relocating operations to Canada, or developing production facilities in Canada.

For companies that are eligible, the program will establish a dedicated processing channel to decrease work permit and/or visa processing delays to ten business days for low-risk high-skill experts and talent. It will also allow for the exemption from the requirement of any work permit in cases of brief academic stays or in which foreign nationals are working in Canada for a period of 30 days or less in a one year period. Eligibility is expected to be based on the placement of investments in Canada, or the need for knowledge transfer of creation of Canadian employment.

The Global Skills Strategy is expected to allow eligible companies to apply for a number of work permits, processed by the dedicated and expedited service channel. Once these work permits are issued, these companies may be permitted two weeks in which to issue the permits to the employees that are needed in Canada. The expectation is that this class of work permit will not be limited to specific job categories or skill classifications.

Date Posted: March 14, 2017 Posted In: Business Visitor,Entry Visa,International Mobility Program,Temporary Work Permits

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