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Changes to Express Entry Program

Canada’s Express Entry program is a point-based mechanism for the issuance of invitations to apply for permanent resident status under a number of eligibility programs. With the exception of some Provincial Nominees (including Quebec), foreign nationals in Canada holding temporary work permits would generally be subject to the requirements of Express Entry in order to transition to Canadian permanent resident status.

The Government of Canada has announced a number of changes to the way that Express Entry will operate, which will be effective as of June 06 2017. Two of the changes will enhance the scoring potential of candidates: (1) an increase of as many as 30 points for candidates who have strong French language skills; and (2) an increase of 15 points for candidates who have (or whose spouses have) an adult brother or sister (i.e., sharing at least one parent with through blood, marriage, common-law partnership or adoption) is a Canadian and residing in Canada.

The final change to the program is logistical. Candidates will no longer be excluded for the Express Entry pool without Job Bank registrations. Presently such registration is mandatory for those without a Canadian job offer or Provincial Nomination.

Date Posted: April 05, 2017 Posted In: Permanent Resident