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Labour Market Impact Assessment Wage Classification Changes

The Government of Canada has announced changes to the regional (province or territory) median wages that will be used to determine application classifications as of April 29 2017. Work in Canada at or above the median wage are subject to applications through the High-Wage Stream, whereas occupations below that figure are subject to the Low-Wage Stream and therefore caps on the number of allowable foreign workers.

On average, there is an increase of 31 cents per hour across the country. The specific breakdown of increase/decrease and the median wage as of April 29 are stated below:

Alberta: +$0.51, $25.89
British Columbia: -$0.10, $22.50
Manitoba: No Change, $20.00
New Brunswick: +$0.40, $18.90
Newfoundland and Labrador: -$0.60, $20.31
Northwest Territories: +$1.00, $32.25
Nova Scotia: +$0.49, $19.49
Nunavut: +$1.08, $30.00
Ontario: +$0.12, $22.12
Prince Edward Island: +$0.44, $18.44
Quebec: +$0.40, $21.00
Saskatchewan: +$0.80, $23.60
Yukon: -$0.51, $28.00

Date Posted: April 07, 2017 Posted In: Labour Market Impact Assessment,Temporary Work Permits

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