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  • Work Permit Applications in the USA

    Citizenship and Immigration Canada has been implementing budget cuts that are part of ongoing efforts to streamline the immigration system. As part of this, the approach to submissions of work permit applications to visa offices in the USA has changed. Until now, applicants may have applied to one of the six consular offices in the […]

    Date Posted: May 30, 2012 Posted In: Temporary Work Permits
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  • New Work Permit Forms in Effect August 1 2011

    Following the introduction of a new version IMM1295 application form on February 15th of this year, the Department has announced that effective August 1 2011, no other application forms will be accepted (with the exception of SAWP cases in Mexico and Jamaica until September 30 2011). The forms contain a bar coding system that requires […]

    Date Posted: July 28, 2011 Posted In: Temporary Work Permits
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