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NAFTA Work Permit Provisions to Carry over to United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement (USMCA)

Posted in Business Visitor, Featured, International Mobility Program, Temporary Work Permits on Oct 03, 2018

On September 30 2018, the governments of Canada, the USA, and Mexico announced agreement in principle on the provisions of the United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement, or USMCA. While the USMCA is not yet implemented and the provisions of NAFTA currently remain in place, the expectation is that USMCA will replace NAFTA once the agreement is signed by the three nations and once it is ratified by the three governments involved. There therefore remains the possibility that the USMCA is further revised or is not implemented at all.

As it stands, the immigration provisions included in NAFTA have been...

Changes to Labour Market Impact Assessment Recruiting Requirements (UPDATED)

Posted in Featured, Labour Market Impact Assessment, Temporary Work Permits on Jul 28, 2017

Employment and Social Development Canada has announced a number of changes the requirements for Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) applications submitted on or after August 28th, 2017. As Such recruiting efforts must generally run for four weeks, any new recruiting effort should consider these requirements.

The changes are as follows:

1. Mandatory Use of National Job Bank: Provinces such as BC, Saskatchewan, and Quebec have provincial employment portals. In the past, LMIAs based on positions in these provinces were required to used these provincial Job Banks instead of the national one. Th...

Global Skills Strategy Program

Posted in Business Visitor, Entry Visa, Featured, International Mobility Program, Permanent Resident, Temporary Work Permits on Mar 14, 2017

The Government of Canada has announced that it anticipates launching its Global Skills Strategy program to facilitate the admission of high-skill foreign workers on June 12 2017. The program, which targets quickly-growing Canadian companies in need of global talent to accelerate progress and investment, and for foreign companies making significant financial investment into Canada, relocating operations to Canada, or developing production facilities in Canada.

For companies that are eligible, the program will establish a dedicated processing channel to decrease work permit and/or visa processin...