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Canadian Work Permits / Work Visas

The following is a summary of frequently asked questions regarding Canadian work permits.

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General Work Permit Information

1. What is a work permit?
2. Is a work permit required for every Canadian province?
3. What is considered work?
4. When is a work permit not required?
5. Once a work permit is issued, can I change employers?
6. Will a work permit lead to permanent resident status?
7. Can I work in Canada on the basis of a work permit in another country?
8. Why does my work permit state "This does not authorize re-entry"?

Open Work Permits

1. What is an open work permit?
2. Who can apply for an open work permit?
3. Can I convert a standard work permit to an open work permit?

The Work in Canada

1. Who can offer work in Canada?
2. What should be contained in the offer of work?
3. Can I seek a work permit without an offer of work?
4. A Canadian employer has stated that they cannot make an employment offer until I have a work permit. How do I get the work permit?

Labour Market Impact Assessments

1. What is a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)?
2. How long does a LMIA take?
3. When is a LMIA required?
4. What types of jobs are not eligible?

Applying for a Canadian Work Permit

1. Who can apply for a Canadian work permit?
2. Is a part time job offer eligible for a work permit?
3. Where should I apply for a Canadian work permit?
4. Is the application process different for each province?
5. Can I apply while I am inside Canada as a visitor?
6. What documents should I submit in support of the case?
7. How long will it take?
8. Can I start work before I get the permit?
9. Will I need a medical examination?
10. How long is a work permit valid for?
11. What is a Compliance Application and who is responsible for it?

Including a Family Member

1. Can I include a Family Member in my application?
2. What type of application must be filed for my family member?
3. Can my spouse or common-law partner work in Canada?
4. Does my child need a study permit?

Business in Canada

1. Can a work permit be issued for the establishment of a business in Canada?
2. Can a business-person work in Canada without a job offer?
3. Does a foreign company have to have a division or office in Canada to be able to send employees to do work?

Extending a Canadian Work Permit

1. Is there anything that I need to do prior to seeking extension or renewal?
2. Can I extend my work permit once it is issued?
3. When do I need to apply for extension?
4. What happens if my current work permit expires after I apply for extension?

Criminal Inadmissibility

1. Can an arrest or conviction prevent me from getting a work permit or admission to Canada?
2. I have been arrested or convicted of a crime that is not considered serious in my home country (e.g., a misdemeanor in the USA); is this grounds for criminal inadmissibility?
3. I was given a diminished or suspended sentence; is this grounds of criminal inadmissibility?
4. I have been pardoned for an offence abroad. Am I still inadmissible?
5. I was acquitted of a crime or my case dismissed; is it therefore safe to travel to Canada?
6. How do I accurately determine if I am admissible or not?
7. If I am considered criminally inadmissible, what options do I exist?
8. What is deemed rehabilitation?

Retaining Expert Representation

1. Who can advise me in a Canadian work permit application?
2. How can I verify that I am being advised by a licensed practitioner?
3. Can others advise me at any stage of the application process for a fee or other consideration?
4. What are the advantages of retaining a licensed consultant?
4. Am I required to retain representation in order to apply for a work permit?


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