Can I include a Family Member in my application?

A work permit application is for a single individual. Although elements of such an application (e.g., Additional Family Information Form) may reference family members and their intent to travel to Canada, no element of the application specifically includes or excludes such individuals. If a family member such as a spouse or child intends to travel to Canada with a temporary foreign worker, then that family member must file an application him/herself. While such a family member's application may be included in the same submission, a separate form and associated supporting documents are needed.

What type of application must be filed for my family member?

There are a number of temporary resident applications that may be suitable for a family member. If such an individual intends to remain solely as a visitor in Canada, unable to work or study, then a temporary resident visa (i.e., visitor) application may suffice. If the family member intends to work or study, then a work permit or study permit application, respectively, may be needed.

Can my spouse or common-law partner work in Canada?

If the principal foreign worker is eligible for or receives a temporary work permit or business visitor record for greater than six months in an occupation that is classified as high-skill (i.e., National Occupational Classification 0, A, or B), then the spouse or common-law partner of that foreign worker is eligible to apply for an open work permit. An open work permit means that the candidate is not required to have arranged work in advance of applying.

Does my child need a study permit?

As a general rule, yes. If the principal foreign worker is abroad at the time of his/her application and has a child of school age, then an application for a study permit for that child would generally need to be filed. However, if a child under 20 is in Canada and his/her parent holds a valid work permit, then that child can typically attend schooling without the requirement of a study permit.