Can a work permit be issued for the establishment of a business in Canada?

Yes, there are a number of different provisions which can allow owners, executives, and other critical employees to obtain work permits when a new Canadian business is created. A number of factors would determine which approach is best, including the nationality of the applicant, the nature of the business, and any financial investment being made. We can review the circumstances and assess the eligibility for a work visa.

Can a business-person work in Canada without a job offer?

Although most foreign workers must have job offers from Canadian companies, a business person may need to conduct work on the behalf of his or her own business, for a client, or related to a business interest. There are avenues available for these individuals and/or their employees to obtain the necessary permission to work in Canada without having a Canadian job offer or on the basis of an existing agreement with a Canadian client or customer.

Does a foreign company have to have a division or office in Canada to be able to send employees to do work?

No, it is not always necessary or advantageous to have an office in Canada in order to be able perform work here. If the work is not long-term, or is not part of a larger strategy to be established in Canada, then it may be better to pursue work permits through other avenues.