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Facilitated Processing of Information Technology Workers


PLEASE NOTE: This program has terminated for all provinces. Cases submitted after this date will be subject to the requirement of a Labour Market Opinion unless another exemption otherwise exists.

The Facilitated Processing of Information Technology Workers program was established through a collaboration of the Software Human Resources Council of Canada, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, and Citizenship and Immigration Canada as an effort to alleviate a shortage of software professionals in Canada. The requirement for a Labour Market Opinion application was removed for those professionals meeting the requirements of seven occupational definitions.

The eligible occupations are:

1. Senior Animation Effects Editor
2. Multimedia Software Developer
3. Embedded Systems Software Designer
4. MIS Software Designer
5. Software Products Developer
6. Telecommunications Software Designer
7. Software Developer - Services

The goal of the program continues to be to expedite the process of admitting foreign workers in the field of information technology. Eligible candidates are granted a "national confirmation" by HRSDC, and may proceed directly to applying for a Canadian work permit. As this program does not constitute a confirmation exemption, however, applicants with a destination in the province of Quebec are required to obtain a Certificate d'Acceptation du Quebec prior to a work permit.

Applications may be submitted to a Canadian visa office abroad or at a port of entry for those who are exempt from the requirement of a passport visa


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